Technical characteristics


3 floors with usable roof. Each floor has two levels. 7 floors construction is possible.

Construction scheme:

Armed ferroconcrete frame.

Separation of levels:

-          Іа, Іб, ІІа – metal net ( height 0,85m – 2,16m ) ;

-          ІІб –ІVб - fence 1,2m high (metal 0,85m high, on ferroconcrete blocks 0,35m high).

From the side of buildings parts of parking façade are made of sandwich panels.

Interior, betweenlevels:
-          fence 1,2m high (metal 0,85m high, on ferroconcrete blocks 0,35m high).


Armed ferroconcrete usable 0,32m width.


Armed concrete junction.

Levels height:

-          3,30 m (floor to floor)
-          2,50 m (floor to bottom construction in the car path)
-          2,45 m (floor to bottom of engineering communications).


Artificial, working and emergency with central control.

Firepreventionmeasures (on every level):

-          Fire hydrants (FH), fire prevention pipeline complex;

-          Automatic fire protection (ASP) – sensor sprinkler system, fire prevention pipeline complex.


-          Exterior illumination – according to the project;

-          Roads – asphalt cover.


Attention to the investors!

  1. It is forbidden to dismantle independently the constructive elements of the object and change the engineering communications.
  1. During the construction process the developer has the right to add/ change elements in the design and technological solutions of the open parking that do not degrade its consumer qualities and do not lead to violation of sanitary norms.
  1. The total plot of the parking space is approximate; final calculations should be made according to the official data of technical inventory.