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RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX "KASSIOPEYA"       Kyiv, 101-A, S. Sagaidaka street  Choose the house

Terms of Construction financing fund for the residential building #2 of the residential complex “KASSIOPEYA”
(PDF, 287 КБ)
Sample of the typical agreement of participation in the Construction Financing fund (CFF)
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  General terms

The investment program from Bank «АRCADA» is based on the Law of Ukraine “Treating credit and financial mechanisms and property management in the construction of housing and real estate operations”.

The main instrument of the property management is the Construction Financing Fund (CFF).

The goal of CFF — the investors obtain apartments as real estate property or other investment objects (house, parking box/parking lot, non-residential real estate, apartments etc).

You can use one of the following variants of financing your future parking lot:

-       make 100% payment for the parking lot;

-       pay the total amount for the parking lot during the construction period with the 1st payment being 30% of the total price.

You can start financing after signing the Agreement for the participation in the CFF program.

To sign the agreement you need you passport and the taxpayer ID number (original document).

For more information please call
: 044 254 22 22.