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Bank «АRCADA» and «BUDEVOLUTSIYA»Ltd offers apartments at the new industrial building «VYRLYTSIYA»(№6) composed out of materials from the plant «DBК-3» at the R/C «PATRIOTYKA ON THE LAKES», that is being built in the urbanization 1,2,2a «Osokorky-Centralny» at Darnytskiy distric in Kyiv.

The project offers 27- storey single sectioned residential building consisting of 1-, 2-, 3- room apartments with in terior finishing works and pent-house apartments without interior finishing works. The total of apartments in the building is 250.

The total surface of the apartments:

  • 1-room apartments – 36,41 m², 36,60 m²;
  • 2-room apartments– 53,70 m2,  63,20 m²;
  • 3-room apartments – 74,60 m2;
  • Pent-house apartments.

Traditionally each residential building is named after a famous lake or estuary in Ukraine. Some of those names come from ancient times, some are relatively modern, but all of them are part of our precious Ukrainian history.

Residential building №6 was called «VYRLYTSIYA». Lake Vyrlytsiya is a natural lake located in the south-east region of the Darnytskiy district in Kyiv between Mykoly Bazhana avenue and streets Revutskogo and Kolektorna. Surface of the lake is 0,98 km, depth – around  15-16 m, deepest place up to 28 m.