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Bank «АRCADA» and «BUDEVOLUTSIYA»Ltd offers apartments at the new industrial building «MARICHEIKA»(№7) composed out of materials from the plant «DBК-3» at the R/C «PATRIOTYKA ON THE LAKES», that is being built in the urbanization 1,2,2a «Osokorky-Centralny» at Darnytskiy distric in Kyiv.

The project offers 27- storey single sectioned residential building consisting of 1-, 2-, 3- room apartments with in terior finishing works and pent-house apartments without interior finishing works. The total of apartments in the building is 250.

The total surface of the apartments:

  • 1-room apartments – 36,41 m², 36,60 m²;
  • 2-room apartments– 53,70 m2,  63,20 m²;
  • 3-room apartments – 74,60 m2;
  • Pent-house apartments.