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JSC Bank “ARCADA” and ltd “BUDREVOLUTSIYA” (Constructions) offers a new modern residential house “SIVERCHYNA” (#8) at the residential complex “PATRIOTYKA”, which is located in the Darnytskiy District, at the crossroad ofB.Gmyri street and Kolektorna street. 

The project of the 25-storied single  section  building made of 174 apartments with solid-cast-carcass scheme. Exterior walls are made out of ecological ceramic bricks with energy saving materials using the system of ventilated facades.

Interior finishing works aren`t included.

Total usable flat space is:

  • Single bedroom apartments -from 41.33 sq/m to44.43sq/m;
  • 2-bedroom apartments – 65.24  sq/m and 69.40 sq/m;
  • 3-bedroom apartments –87.70 sq/m.