Mortgage credit loans

  • Comfortable loan services;
  • Basic requirements for documents for confirming your income;
  • Possibility to postpone loan payment;
  • Interests on actual sum of the loan;
  • Prescheduled repayment of the loan without penalties and fees.
PJSC bank “ARCADA” offers mortgage loans to physical entities-residents that signed the Agreement for participation in the Construction Financing Fund and invested more than 20% from the total sq.meters of chosen apartment. Borrower is a person between 18-60 years old. The loan term is 30 years maximum (age of the borrower for the time of final loan payment cannot exceed 60 years).           

Object of financing Annual percentage rate depending on the chosen object location Expanses for loan arrangements
Kyiv 14% 1.25%  
Of the credit/loan amount – bank fee for credit/loan management (single payment))
  Insurance policy for a year - 0,325% of property value (annually), notary services (single payment – State fee - 0,01 % of property value), (independent property assessment in single payment– 1500 UAH.)  
Houses at the residential complex Nova Bogdanonivka 14% 0.75%  
Of the credit/loan amount – bank fee for credit/loan management (single payment))
  Insurance policy for a year - 0,325% of property value (annually), notary services (single payment – State fee - 0,01 % of property value), (independent property assessment in single payment– 1500 UAH.)  

Loan conditions

Loan can be rendered to a Borrower whose monthly loan payments don`t exceed 80% of his “net monthly income”.
Before offering a mortgage loan the Bank must verify the Borrower`s solvency. For this purpose, you should provide the bank with documents that confirm the actual income of the Borrower for the last 6 months.

To provide the guarantee of the return of the loan, interests payment and implementation of other obligations of the Borrower it is necessary to sign a Mortgage Agreement, the subject of which is the mortgage property rights to real estate under construction and actual real estate property after construction.

On the day of notary confirmation of the Mortgage agreement, the presence of both members of the couple is required for signing the written consent for the mortgage transfer.

The real estate property under mortgage has to be insured according to the Law of Ukraine “Of Mortgage”. The Mortgage Agreement and insurance policy issued in the office of the bank simultaneously with the Agreement on mortgage loan.
The Borrower renders to the Bank power of attorney to receive the technical passport and title documents on real estate property from the Developer.

On the day of loan granting, the Borrower must deposit to the Bank the amount for paying taxes, registration and notary services, insurance payment, costs for periodic evaluation of property under mortgage.

Until complete performance of conditions of the Borrower on the loan the Bank prohibits the alienation of the mortgage subject at the State Register of real estate property.
Loans are granted only after an affirmative decision of Credit and investment Committee of the Bank.

amount of loan that you wish
Tip about the credit/loan amount

50 000
350 000
Period of loan (months)
Tip about the credit/loan term

Monthly payment (UAH): 0

variants for loan amortization
  • Before the building taken into use the Borrower pays monthly interests for the loan service;
  • After the building is taken into use the Borrower makes equal monthly repayments and pays the interests on the loan.
  • From the date of signing the loan agreement the Borrower makes equal monthly payments (loan and interests) for obligations of the loan. 

* — For loan objects in all regional branches and bank offices, loan amortization is realized in monthly equal payments from the date the loan contract was issued.
  • Certificate of employment on income, signed by the head of the company and the chief accountant with company seal ;
  • Tax authorities certificate on the sum of paid taxes;
  • Annual tax declaration;
  • Documents confirming the payment of fees;
  • Receipts of dividends;
  • Civil contracts for work and services;
  • Documents that confirm social payments — pensions,child support etc.;
  • Property lease agreements;
  • Documents on the income from ownership of corporate rights;
  • Documents confirming income from deposit agreements;
  • Documents on income from other sources. 
  • National passport of Ukraine (or other document proving the identity
  • Document issued by the State tax service confirming registration of physical entity in the State Register of taxpayers (taxpayers card / certificate identification number)
  • Document proving the place of residence or actual address of physical entity (given in case of the absence of the corresponding seal in the national passport)
  • Agreement of the participation in Construction Financing Fund (CFF
  • Marriage certificate (when needed)
  • Passport or other document proving the identity and a taxpayers card / certificate identification number of husband/wife
  •  Documents confirming the ownership of other real estate property, vehicles, securities of the Borrower;
  • Document confirming the Borrower`s income for the last 6 months.