«Crazy Sales at the R/C «ЕVRYКА»»


Starting from 01 of March 2019 at investing into apartments at the residential buildings №2, №3, №5, №10, №14, №15, №19, 26, №27, №28, №31 at the R/C «ЕVRYКА» the total amount of every payment made with clients` in a single payment document personal funds has a discount of:


1st payment 50% (or more), less 100%

1st payment * 100%

1-room apartments №№221,228,451, 2-room apartments over 80m² and 4-room apartments at building №27;

1-room apartments №№186,189,190,191,192,354,356,357 at building №28;

2-room apartments over 70 m² and 3-room apartments in buildings №28, №31;

3-room apartments with surface 103,53 m2 at building №2;

3-room apartments at buildings №№10,14,15;

Apartments over 440m²in building №3



1-room apartments at buildings №№3,28;

1-room apartments №№224,239 at residential building №27;

2-room apartments at buildings №2 and 19;

2-room apartments (except those over 440m2),3-room apartments at building №3;

2-room apartments less than 80m2 at №27;

2-room apartments, 3-room apartments and 4-room apartments  at building №27;

3-room apartments at building №26;



An additional 2% discount is added for the “Regular customers club”.

The discount is available only for those contracts that were signed during the sales program “Crazy Sales”.

The sales program by “ARKADA-BUDIRNYTSTVO” Lld is valid from 01.03.2019 tо 14.03.2019 (inclusively).*

Note that according to the terms of the Program it is forbidden to change the investment object.

*1st payment – single payment made with clients` personal funds in a single payment document..
**the special offer program can be stopped before the due date.

For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22