Deposit with monthly interest rate and possibility to replenish the account

Characteristics Deposit for a fixed period allows replenishing the account and obtaining monthly interests. Size of interest rate for every replenishment to the account depends on the number of months left to the expiry date of the agreement (in UAH).
Minimal amount

First deposit — 5 000 UAH
minimal amount of replenishment — 500 UAH

Annual interest rates Term Interest
from 3 tо 6 months 14,5%
from 7 tо 9 months 15,5%
from 10 tо 12 months. + 5 days 16,5%
from 13 tо 18 months
from 19 tо 24 months ---
Terms of interest payment Monthly for the previous month.

From 08.01.2015, the fee for a certificate of confirmation of balances on deposit agreement is of 70 UAH.

PJSC Bank «АRCADА» is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for physical entities and received its certificate #1 dated July 2, 2018.

The deposits are secured by Deposit Guarantee Fund for physical entities.

Dеposit Agreement for physical entities without return of the deposit on demand, with interests payment and replenishment possibility (typical form)

For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22

Schedule: Monday-Friday from 9:00 tо 18:00 (no lunch breaks)

saturday, sunday — weekend

Issuance of funds during the operating time (from 9:00 tо 16:00)
Willing to deposit: UAH

For the period of:
3 18

UAH per months