Children`s Programs


Children are the most valuable element in our lives. All parents dream of having their child happy, never go through rough times.

Undoubtedly, you are taking care of your child, you want them to have a good education and, accordingly, a promising profession, and that there are not so many financial problems as you had in your youth. And also think that it would be nice to take care of an apartment, a car, somehow adjust the welfare of a young family .., But all this requires money and considerable. Where to get them?

We offer you from the childhood of your kid to gradually accumulate funds in the bank account.

How to do it? It's easy - come to the bank and open an account for your child's name.

Any citizen of Ukraine may open a child account in the program "Housing to adulthood" or an account in the Children's Fund of the Banking Administration.

Key documents required for opening an account and signing an agreement:

- a valid passport of a citizen of Ukraine or other document certifying a person and in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine can be used on the territory of Ukraine for the conclusion of transactions;

- original of the document issued by the controlling body certifying the registration of an individual in the State Register of Natural Persons - taxpayers;

- a birth certificate and a document issued by the controlling body certifying the registration of the child in the State Register of Natural Persons - Taxpayers (originals). If the age of the child is from 14 years old, the bank must submit a passport (or a notarized copy thereof

- for an individual who carries out an independent professional activity - a document confirming the registration with the relevant controlling body;

- an individual engaged in entrepreneurial activity, is obliged to inform the bank about his entrepreneurship status.

In case if the client is a public person or associated with it, then the client provides documents confirming sources of origin of funds and assets.

The above list is not exhaustive, according to the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, the Bank may require additional documents and information.


You have a great opportunity to secure the future of a small citizen and enter into his name a contract for a bank deposit under the program "Housing to adulthood" (until they reaches 16 years of age).

Anyone, not even parents, can contribute to an account. This allows grandparents to take care of their grandchildren whom they love so much. And the contribution to adulthood can be a beautiful birthday present!

Contributions are accepted in the national currency of Ukraine, their size is not limited. You can replenish your account both in cash and through cashless transfers.

On the money made, the bank accumulates interest on a monthly basis and accrues them for replenishment of the account.

Interest is accrued at the floating interest rate, which is calculated as the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine + 2%.

After reaching adulthood (18 years) the child can personally receive funds on the account, or the contract will be extended for another 2 years.

It is possible to receive funds from the account until the age of 18 is possible only by early termination of the contract by the legal representatives of the child (parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees) with the consent of the guardianship and guardianship authority. In this case, the interest will be converted at the minimum interest rate according to the terms of the contract.

The Bank is a member of the Guarantee Fund for Individuals Deposits and received Certificate No. 1 dated July 2, 2018.

This deposit is subject to guarantees of the Guarantee Fund for individuals' deposits.

From 01.08.2015, the fee for the certificate confirming the balance of funds under the contract of a bank deposit under the program "Housing to adulthood" is 35 UAH.



Children's Fund of Banking Management (children's FBU) was created in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On conducting an experiment in housing construction based on the holding company" Kyivmiskbud "dated April 20, 2000, №1674-ІІІ for the purpose of accumulation of funds on accounts of participants of the Children's FBU and their subsequent target use .

Account is opened for the name of a young child (up to 13 and a half years) on the basis of recognition by the payer of the Rules of the Children's FBU, which is a public offer.

There is no limit to the amount of both the first and subsequent contributions. The frequency of replenishment of an account determines each independently.

This account has a specific purpose and allows your child to take advantage of the accumulated amount from the age of 14 - to pay tuition, and from the age of 18 - both for tuition fees, for the purchase or rental of housing, or for investment in its construction. Target payments are made only through cashless transfers

It is possible to withdraw funds from the account of the participant of the child's FBU in cash only with the pre-term termination of the trust management agreement on conditions defined by the Rules of the child's FBU.

Contributions are accepted in the national currency of Ukraine, their size is not limited. You can replenish your account both in cash and in cash.

The funds of the children's FBU members are directed exclusively to the purchase of mortgage securities, the reliability of which is secured by long-term loans secured by mortgages. The income distributed by the mortgage securities is distributed by the Bank among the participants of the children's FBU.

The Bank has developed an effective and transparent system for managing the funds of the children's FBU participants and their protection against impairment, losses and other risks.

From 01.08.2015 the fee for the certificate, which is not provided for by the Rules of the Children's FBU, is 35 UAH. 

We are sure that with our help your child will have the possibility to start his adult life properly.

Estimate clients and representatives of the children accounts of bank fund management!

In order to fulfill the requirements of the Board of National Bank of Ukraine dated 28 of December 2018 №162 «On implementing the international number of bank account (IBAN)in Ukraine» we inform you that change in the number of current account for fund-management for children fund according to the structure of international number for bank account (IBAN)

     Till 05.08.2019 № 26010011980,

     After 05.08.2019 № UA133223350000000026010011980.

Please note that from 1 of October 2019, all relevant documents will require the number account only in the format IBAN.

We inform you that the change in the current number according to IBAN standard will not influence the change in the terms and conditions of the children fund management.