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On June 25, 2020, the operational units of the National Police of Kyiv conducted a large-scale search in the central office of JSCB ARCADA, as well as in the offices of enterprises that are in business relations with the bank.

The reason for the search, which was described in the petition of the investigator of the New Police and indicated as a basis in the decision of the Golosiivskyi District Court of Kyiv, is the following:

JSCB ARCADA receives funds from the National Bank of Ukraine to refinance loans. However, the money received by the bank is not used as intended. "

It is obvious that this assumption, given in the investigator's petition and court decision, is absurd, as ARCADA Bank has not applied to the National Bank of Ukraine for refinancing for about 10 years. Other assumptions set out in the investigator's documents have a similar level of validity and are also untrue.

The fact of the search created for the bank only inconveniences in the work that did not affect and will not affect the activities of the bank as a whole. However, the work of the bank is to some extent complicated by the seizure of the bank's assets intended for sale imposed on the initiative of the investigator. At the expense of these assets, the bank planned to complete the construction of the building №26 LVIVSKIY, about which the bank at the final stage of negotiations agrees with the main contractor for the construction of this house.

In these actions, the bank sees some pressure on its activities by the local police. The motives for these actions remain unclear for the bank, as the reason for the search is artificial, and the assumptions about possible violations are hopelessly from a legal point of view.

Despite the above, JSCB "ARCADA" will continue to make every effort to complete the construction of existing residential complexes. To implement these tasks, the bank will act exclusively in the legal field and calls for a similar approach of the investigators of the National Police of Kyiv and representatives of other authorities involved in the situation surrounding the construction.

We ask investors not to stay away from this event and monitor this situation closely by the public control.

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