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The construction of the kindergarten on the territory of the Residential Complex “PATRIOTYKA” in the Darnytskiy district in the city of Kyiv is now coming to an end.

   The developer  "BUDEVOLYUTSIYA", LTD completes the construction of kindergarten and plans to submit it to the municipal property of Kyiv.

    Kindergarten «RUKAVYCHKA» (THE MITT) is suitable for 120 children aged 3 years. The kindergarten will have 6 groups, each of them with its own name. Every class is decorated in the theme of the name of the group. The furniture is designed in order to be comfortable for children`s rest, activities and learning.

Big catering unit has all the necessary modern kitchen equipment, such as: lift for food presentation on the 2-3rd floors, induction cooker, grill, refrigerators, knives sterilizers , mixers, cleaning vegetables device, etc. There is a separate products storage unit.

  The medical unit consists of medical room, manipulation area and isolator with two beds and a separate entrance. Fresh laudry is guaranteed to the kindergarten due to the large automatic washing machines and automatic iron. The newest energy efficient equipment will provide comfortable warmth to the kindergarten and will significantly reduce energy costs .

    A new spacious musical room is expecting our little ones, safe gym with proper  sports equipment, fun game room, educational class, art studio and computer lab with interactive whiteboard and modern computers.

Reference:  Residential Complex “PATRIOTYKA” nowadays is one of the biggest projects of complex construction in Kyiv. From 2014 the project is being developed with the company “BUDEVOLUTSIYA”, ltd andthe manager of the Construction Financing Fund (CFF) PJSC Bank “ARCADA”.