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Recently, due to unlawful actions of the city authorities, social tensions have increased among the inhabitants of the surrounding residential areas and the authorities around the construction of the residential complex "PATRIOTYKA ON THE LAKES". In particular, the Developer built a trestle with pile foundations at the intersection of Kolektorna Street and Petro Grigorenko Avenue to protect the main sewage networks of the Bortnitskaya Aeration Station and the safe movement of cargoes to the construction site of the said housing estate. Once again, we emphasize that the trestle was built with the observance of all requirements of the technical assignment issued by PJSC "AK Kyivvodokanal" for designing the specified construction and arrangement of temporary access roads to the construction site.

However, at the end of last month, the department of the Kyiv City State Administration, with the effective support of the police, had destroyed the ramp, without relevant documents presented to confirm that there was a real threat to the collector and the need for dismantling the ramp.

Despite all the obstacles, including the dismantling of the overpass, the Developer will continue to work on the construction of residential buildings and objects of social and domestic purpose in the array. The issue of the uninterrupted and safe provision of array of construction equipment and materials is being solved today.

To this end, employees of JSC Bank "ARCADA" will soon conduct a social survey among inhabitants of residential areas along the street Sofia Rusova, concerning optimization of the services of the Developer.


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