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Our teamwork and commitment efforts draw enough the attention of the newly elected President and his Office to the problems that arose during the construction of the R/C “EVRYKA” and the pressure from the KSCA and the NBU structures and has yielded positive results.

The Office of the President of Ukraine responded to the collective appeal investors and sent relevant letters to the Ministry of Regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine and Kyiv city state administration with a request to clarify the situation.

A special commission was set up under the Ministry of Regional Development, within the framework of which it worked already held from the meeting outlining the range of problems, the terms have been defined for their solution and responsible structures.

On the instructions of Deputy Minister L. Partskhaladze indoors KCSA held a meeting of the Commission on Unfinished Construction under the chairmanship of V. Nepop. This Commission was discussed during the meeting
the situation and the reasons that hinder the construction process and are distributed entrusting the relevant departments and services.

Unfortunately, Kyivavtodor, Municipal Corporation is destructive position and unwillingness to help resolve issues that have arisen in the process construction of the R/C "EVRYKA". The leadership of CC "Kyivavtodor" without respect
the reasons delay the approval of the design documentation on the engineering networks rain sewer. This leads to disruption of construction time and commissioning of houses. Such are the actions of one of the controlled structures KCSA discredit local governments and management capitals and go against the principles declared by the President of Ukraine investment protection and business environment.

We hope that such actions of the leadership of CC "Kyivavtodor" do not should be left without proper assessment by the city authorities.

We especially want to emphasize and thank for our active position initiative group of investors R / C "EVRYKA", that together with us involved in the process of solving problematic issues.
We assure you that ARCADA Bank will make every effort and take all necessary steps to fulfill its obligations to the principals.