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Bank «АRCADA»аnd  Industrial Innovation Group are launching the first in Ukraine data block chain and the measure unit Odin as a base of mobile platform «Еlectronic Ukraine»
Ukraine has every chance to become a leader in IT innovation. Another step that brought our country closer to its ambitious goal was the presentation of the first block chain data from Ukraine in the KYC, which took place on October 16 in Kyiv.
During the event, the President of investment projects in Ukraine, ARCADA Bank and the international leader, international system integrator in the field of scalable identification solutions, INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP signed a Memorandum on the creation of a financial and industrial alliance with the aim of launching the first regional product - data exchange platform Know your customer/client ”). Based on the blockchain, a global mobile platform "Electronic Ukraine" will be developed.

According to the shareholder and CEO of INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP Taryam Matar Taryam of the UAE, "our group of companies has thoroughly analyzed the work of many financial institutions and we are proud to announce a strategic partnership and financial-industrial alliance with ARCADA, which has been operating for 26 years has already proven that is able design, and most importantly - to carry out large-scale investment projects in Ukraine. The INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP decides to increase the level of investment in Ukraine to 2 billion Euros within this Alliance. As the block chain platform will create the necessary conditions for investors to invest in Ukraine.”

First of all, the created platform will increase the level of comfort for clients in the banking sector. This concerns speed of banking operations, data protection and minimization of intermediate steps. The initiative promotes faster and more secure customer identification and the sharing of supporting documentation through the introduction of advanced technologies such as blockchain.

The platform will serve as the basis for the creation of the Unified Demographic Register of Individuals of Ukraine and will be a step forward in the implementation of the Electronic Ukraine project.

Program representatives also emphasized the unification of KYC capabilities among participating banks, government entities, financial institutions and other licensed platform members.

The Alliance is ready to provide the Government of Ukraine with the Strategic Concept of the Electronic Ukraine Program today, to provide electronic identification cards for citizens and to radically expand the scope of blockchain technology. On the same basis, the Alliance develops investment platform models for the Ukrainian market, in particular for the private sector.

The Alliance Initiative fully complies with Presidential Decree No. 647/2019 “On Some Measures to Provide Quality Public Services” and proposes concrete ways to implement electronic public services.

The President of ARCADA Bank, Doctor of Economics, Professor Kostiantyn Palyvoda, emphasized: "ARCADA Bank" was one of the first in Ukraine to offer and successfully implement a housing investment program for households, taking into account long-term (up to 30 years) mortgage lending and mortgage lending Odin. Introduction to the market of Odin will be done with the help of cards and media containing electronic-digital signature ”.

What is Odin? It is an indexed conditional unit of account, which the authorized bank determines taking into account the inflation index, the producer price index of industrial products, construction works and other factors. The system minimizes investment risks for the client and ensures the stability of financial relationships between all Alliance members.

According to Andrey Pervushin, CEO of VTI, which is a part of INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP: “VTI's many years of international experience in creating state registers, electronic identification systems, state electronic services will allow the Alliance to create a reliable platform for working with KYC data. We offer electronic tools of identification, verification and customer service to the market, and this will greatly simplify bureaucratic procedures for citizens. "

"Polly-Service Company owns a full range of proprietary technologies, know-hows, patents for the production of plastic cards of all formats, types, all international and national payment systems: Visa, Master Card, Pay," Space "and others, which is confirmed by the release of 220 million cards and, accordingly, is ready to produce electronic cards of multi-additions "Odin" as soon as possible," commented Igor Popovich, President of Polly-Service of INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP.

He was supported by Natalia Kochubey, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polli-Service, noting that it is the only company in the world that has a comprehensive system of personalization bureau for both identification documents and financial application cards.