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   President of Kyiv National University Taras Shevchenko  Gubersky L.V. organized a working meeting with  
   the participation of the President of JSCB "ARCADA" Palyvoda K.V. and the director of LLC "Arcada-
   Construction"(Budivnytstvo) Demyanov I.O.  As part of the cooperation, the parties discussed the
   construction of the EVRYKA residential complex. Rector Gubersky stressed that the Taras Shevchenko
   National University of Kyiv is deeply concerned about the situation with the construction of residential
   buildings in the complex "EVRYKA". At the same time, he once again pointed out the issues concerning
   the fulfillment of its obligations under the Agreement by Arkada-Budivnytstvo LLC - order № 01-2013
   dated 14.01.2014 in terms of compliance with the terms of housing construction.

   In turn, the President of JSCB "ARCADA" Palyvoda K.V. informed that the real state of affairs and assured
   of the strength of the commitments to complete the construction of facilities, in particular, the houses of  
   defrauded investors №3,4,9 and deadlines in the operation of residential buildings №14.18.

The parties decided that Arkada-Budivnytstvo LLC should submit to the university detailed information on the plan for completion of construction works in residential buildings within the EVRYKA residential complex, in particular, houses 3, 4, 9, in order to submit it as substantiation of the need to make changes to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of 11.12.13 №1063-r.

The University, in turn, will take note of the directive schedule for the completion of the construction of a complex of residential buildings and undertakes to monitor the implementation of the plan for the completion of construction work in residential buildings within the deadlines set by the directive schedule. Also, the university will inform the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine about the progress of construction of residential buildings of deceived investors, in accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11.12.2013 № 1063-r.
At the same time, the rector of Taras Shevchenko National University Gubersky L.V. expressed his will for understanding and support from the central authorities and local governments, which depend on the continuation of full-scale housing construction in the residential complex "EVRYKA".